Real Flame

Real Flame are among the industry leaders in fireplace heater design and manufacture. All of its products have been meticulously finished with high-quality materials. Its fireplaces will add value, warmth and ambiance to any home.


The Element range is simply breathtaking with its clean lines, beautiful flame pattern and multiple media options. With an impressive 5 star energy rating and the latest in power balanced flue technology it makes it the perfect package for the discerning buyer. The Element also has wifi capability with an app enabling operation of your fire from your smart device so the room is nice and cosy for when you get home!


Be inspired by the Inspire range that will enhance the feel of your room, bringing warmth and comfort. With all the features you would expect, it delivers a stunning flame pattern in 3 different sizes.

Pure Vision

With its contemporary styling and innovative construction, the Pure Vision gas fireplace is the ultimate designer addition for the modern home. A range of colours and finishes as well as the fireplace’s unique design flexibility means it can be tailored to suit your needs, including the option of a glass back to allow the fire to be viewed from two rooms.


Real Flame Heatseeker gas fires are a truly versatile product. They can be finished in many styles from Classic to Victorian through to contemporary or totally modern. The use of stainless steel, traditional mantelpieces and a number of different clip on fronts allow the designers imagination to run wild. The Heatseeker is an open-fronted fire housed within a unique double skinned firebox which not only looks stunning, but can also bring warmth to a room via radiated and natural convection or fan assisted convection heat.


Real Flame Elegance gas fires are designed to bring a touch of style to any environment. They can be installed into a frame out and finished in a multitude of designs from the super modern, to contemporary or something totally unique.


Real Flame Simplicity gas fires are simplistic in design but stunning in any environment. Usually recessed into a flush wall or into a frame out, they can be the centre of attention in all kinds of applications whether residential or commercial. Available in several finishes and can include optional glass back to allow viewing from other rooms or extended perspectives in a single space.


The Hybrid fire is a stunning collaboration of the Pure Vision and Simplicity. It allows the designer to position the fire in corners with the solid side to the wall and glass side open to the room. A glass back can also be added to allow viewing from the room behind the fire creating a fantastic visual between two separate spaces.

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