Today, as the market leader in heating, we continue to use our Scandinavian design philosophy for combining clean and timeless designs with user friendly functionality. Superior engineering and product longevity means Nobo heaters come with a limited lifetime warranty. Also compatible with "Energy Control System", Nobo heaters can provide an easy-to-use, app-based whole home heating solution. Available in 6 sizes, ranging from 750W, up to 2400W"

Featured Products

750W Nobo Panel Heater with Timer

The 750W Nobo electric panel heater with timer shares the Scandinavian design ethos: to combine clean and timeless models with user-oriented functionality.

1.2kW Nobo Panel Heater

The 1.2kW Nobo electric panel heater is recommended for small to medium sized bedrooms & bathrooms of approx. 12.5 m2

2.4kW Nobo Panel Heater

The 2.4kW Nobo panel heater is recommended for large sized bedrooms, bathrooms & lounges of approx. 24 m2. Nobo panel heaters can be installed almost anywhere, including behind furniture, where others may not work effectively.

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