Nectre creates forward-thinking, low-emission wood heaters engineered for efficiency and outstanding heat output. Proudly designed and made in Australia and NZ, Nectre wood burners are the perfect choice for New Zealand homes. Whether you’re designing a new home, replacing an existing heating source or adding stylish and functional heating. Experience the exceptional warmth of a real wood fire in your living area with Nectre’s timeless designs.

Featured Products


The Nectre N15 showcases simple elegance in a compact yet powerful unit. The gentle radiating warmth invites you to curl up on the couch with a good book. Enjoy an outstanding heating capacity of up to 160m2, with minimal smoke emissions for a cleaner burn. The N15 features a cast iron door with ceramic glass and a cool-touch spring handle.


Shrug off the chill and enjoy the radiant warmth of a Nectre N65 wood fire. This sleek-looking unit brings style and casual sophistication to any living space. Enjoy clean air, a convenient built-in wood storage compartment and a concealed ash pan. Featuring a high-efficiency rating, the N65 is suitable for small to medium-sized homes.

Bakers Ovens

The Nectre Bakers Oven combines the natural power of a real wood fire with a cooking centre - in one efficient unit. Imagine sitting watching the flames dance as you smell delightful aromas of wood fire stove cooking.

Nectre “big” Bakers Ovens are great for off-grid living and are powerful enough to heat spaces up to 200m2. This baking oven features a large cooktop with removable rings. The steel baffle adds efficiency by trapping heat to produce a longer wood burn.

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