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Dimplex is the world leader in electric fires, developing unparalleled technology, such as the Opti-V and Opti-Myst range. With R&D, testing and design labs across UK, Europe and North America, rest assured you are buying the most realistic electric flame effect on the market.

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The Opti-V renders the most realistic flame effect possible through a unique combination of real fire footage and a clever illusory technique. Flickering flames dance on a vertical fuel bed with an almost three dimensional depth of field thanks to the system's two High Definition LCD screen, all accessible via remote control.


Creating fire from water. Opti-myst cassettes use lighting effects and an ultrasonic transducer to agitate water vapour into a 3D smoke and flame effect. Create an individual piece of bespoke furniture or an eye-catching focal point.

Ignite XL

Featuring a slimmer frame, Ignite XL provide a cleaner, more minimalist efffect and is ideal for building into a wall. Its built in touch controls and heads-up display also reduces additional clutter from the control panel. It features a 2kW ComfortSaver Ceramic heater, colour changing lights and a more defined flame effect to allow it to be used in brighter environments (e.g. during the day or in commercial receptions)


Sparkling with intensity in a full spectrum of RGB colours, the PRISM Series of electric fireplaces illuminates with show-stopping effect. Complete with a powerful fan-forced 1.2kW heater, this fire adds comfort and ambience to any space in a beautifully versatile manner - whether plugged in or hard wired, hung on the wall or built-in.

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